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přidáno: 26. 3. 2018 7:08, autor: Jitka Kavalová   [ aktualizováno 26. 3. 2018 9:00 ]
Postcrossing statistic:

We sent postcard for over three years.
We sent 185 popstcards to 37 countries.
We received183 postcards from 35 countries.
Our cards traveled 583,193 km
The most postcard wrote Filip Navrátil, Petr Mácha and Jakub Krejčíř from class 4.
Viola Mrázková and Martin Hančík from class 5.
Thank you very much for their activity.
The most interesting cards are from the South Africa, Taiwan, Japan, California, Canada, India, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Madeira, Indonesia Malaysia and Singapore.
The most cards we received from Germany, Russia and U.S.A.
My pupils have chance to practice English through writing postcard. 

You can see some of our receiving cards in our galery.

If you have some interesting cards you can bring them to school and we will sent them to all over the world. Have a nice day. Teacher Jitka K.